Founder of Petra Alexandra, Inc. The premiere school of makeup, based in London, England. Petra Alexandra, Inc. is a Beauty School located in London, England which serves as a boutique to young women with dreams of learning the fine art of make-up application and aspirations to enter the field of make-up design within the fashion, music, and television industry. In addition, we teach a Portfolio class and have an intense training in eyebrows. Our goal at this beauty school is to discover, nurture, and develop the talents of these young women while guiding them to make the best career decisions.

What truly sets this Beauty school apart, is the founder Miss Evelyn would say her greatest accomplishments has not been those of working on the faces of Celebrities and Elite models but rather, having started her own business; Petra Alexandra, Inc., the privilege it presents to mentor her pupils and nurture their talents, and providing her graduates over the years with on-set paid work experience as seen here, and seeing her pupils accomplish their dreams. Miss Evelyn's goal is to leave a great legacy behind, she puts just as much emphasis on the internal beauty as she does the external, why settle for just makeup when you can have a complete makeover?

As a sought-after Makeup Artist with over two decades in the beauty industry serving high calibre celebrities and supermodels Petra Alexandra, Inc.'s founder, Miss Evelyn understands what it is like to be involved in both sides of the business. She understands what is necessary for the artist to succeed at their craft and she knows what clients expect when hiring an artist to create their vision. This insight allows Miss Evelyn to teach each student about the techniques useful for targeting new clientele, with in-depth discussions about developing strong relationships with clients that will become the foundation for their career. Her curriculum also focuses on how to build clientele with a customer service mentality, teaching students how to achieve their personal ambitions by sharing her own personal experiences with them. The courses cover the diverse markets within the industry, including fashion, beauty, music, stage, television, commercial print, editorial, catalogue, film, runway shows, weddings, and special effects (upon request).

The demand for Petra Alexandra, Inc.s' artists continue to grow, with an expanding number of clients pleased with the standard of excellence provided by Petra Alexandra, Inc.

Since the inception of Petra Alexandra, Inc., The Graduates have had their work published in O, The Oprah Magazine, Trace Magazine, Clam Magazine, Essence Magazine, 100 Women shot by the famed Marc Baptiste, Paper City, and Surface Magazine. The Graduates of Petra Alexandra, Inc. have also been commissioned on The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E! News, Target advertisements, and other product campaigns. They have participated behind the scenes for Fantasia cover shoot, Access Hollywood, TV guide, and so much more. You can also view work of former graduates here.


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Petra Alexandra, Inc. is incorporated by the State of New York as a private school that facilitates comprehensive makeup lessons and useful skills needed for entering the fashion, television, and music industries. We are not a licensed cosmetology school, nor are we an employment agency.

Upon completion of our programme a certificate may be given at the student's request.

Please note certificates are not encouraged in the fashion industry in order to perform as a professional makeup artist. Should you have any queries please feel free to ask.


Petra Alexandra, Inc. encourages those seeking education in the field of makeup artistry to get the FACTS, and research the school of interest.

Here are some helpful points to keep in mind:

1. If a school claims to have worked with celebrities, they are under obligation to validate their credibility in the form of press, published magazines (tear sheets) as seen on this website, or samples of their work in film or video.

2. Query about Student Testimonials

At Petra Alexandra, Inc. we go above and beyond the norm of any Beauty School. Miss Evelyn offers her students more than just makeup, as seen in this video attached: Tell.Eat.Laugh.Learn

3. Find out areas of specialty of that school.

4. To ensure accountability, make sure the school is licensed and/or is incorporated by the State in which it operates.

5. To ensure credibility, verify the calibre of the schools instructors.

6. Query about the instructor-to-student ratio. Will your needs be met? Will you get lost in the numbers?

7. Upon completion of course, does the school offer assistance in securing an agent? (Please note, schools are not under obligation to find work for graduates unless they facilitate an employment agency)

8. Does the school provide leads?

9. Does the school have current contact within the industry?

10. What specifically are you paying for?

11. Very Important, are the teachers seasoned?

Our aim at the Academy along with teaching the art of makeup is empowering our students with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful at their work, and to give each student personal attention, treating them as individuals, and helping them to achieve their dreams. We strive to ensure that the industry will notice and appreciate the high standard we set for all of our graduates.

The goal here at Petra Alexandra, Inc. is to present a high standard, one set apart from the rest.

“Why settle for just makeup when you can have a complete MAKE-OVER!”