"In my years of being in this business, working with over 200 makeup artist a week taping stories for eNews, I have worked with some of the best and never seen anyone with "your" techniques and tools, never! I have to do a story on you, may I have your card?.."
Amy Silverberg
E! News producer

"If i am the king of brows, then she is queen" read more
Sam Fine
Fine Beauty

"I have assisted many, but none of them taught me the techniques you so graciously shared with me."
Velente' Frazier
Make-up artist to Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model

"On a scale of 1 to 10, your makeup is an 11. "
Mark Romanek
CMA Award winner and three time Grammy award winning Director

"Miss Evelyn has the most impressive presentation and techniques of any makeup artist I have ever seen or worked with, each time I have seen her do makeup it has been equally different but equally beautiful ."
Tippi Shorter
Celebrity Hairstylist/ New York

"An experience to remember!!!" read more
Nicole Rogers
Former student

"I heard her classes are simply amazing!!!" read more
Michele Ahlswede

"Miss Evelyn possess the uncanny ability to take ordinary objects and transform them into spectacular art pieces. You can see this with her unconventional tools and approach to applying makeup. Her roller pin technique leaves a flawless canvas, which she then scrutinises with a magnifying glass as she frowns upon retouching, her signature "Wet Brow" has brought freshness to countless fashion pages."
Marcia Fingal

"Uncharted territory! That's where I was headed when I first stepped into Miss Evelyn's class." read more
Jaleesa Jaikaran
Former student

"Her talents go beyond that of makeup, a director she truly is!"
Elizabeth Watson
The Albert Watson Agency

"Miss Evelyn is truly one of the most talented Brow shaper's " read more
Samantha Lennon

"Roller Pins... Face Mask... Blowing makeup... Paint easel... Doctors utensils... Carpenter tools... Cheek spanking... Miss Evelyn approaches the art of applying makeup like a surgeon, always meticulous, flawless, natrual, and sometimes surreal... a poet with a pen in hand, an artist with an easel, a surgeon with a scapel."
Veronica Chamlee

"Its clean, it's finished with definition and varies depending on who Miss Evelyn is working with."
Sandra Martin
Fashion Co-ordinator of Essence Magazine

"With Miss Evelyn it's never makeup first, the preliminary is internal. Every face that she touches creates its own immaculate conception, from dramatic to sultry, soft to subtle, every work of art is polished to perfection and delivers with care, professionalism, creativity, and concern, she brings suc a spirit to the set."
Stephanie Scott
CEO of First and Last Pr